Will I be on the "Top traders" leaderboard before @Conflux is on the "Top creators" one?
Sep 28

If it's ambiguous, resolves 50%. This is open to manipulation, but I will not purposely decrease my profit. Extends until the market is resolvable.

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update: just lost 10k on a market

@DeadRhino i bet on the market for the vikings instead of the lions 😢

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I think his creator rank increased 5 spots iirc (but also the bar for profit is getting higher)

@KyleWan and my profit is going down (ive lost 2kish recently to football)

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@KyleWan yeah my leaderboard ranks have been super stagnant in the last, like, 8 months…

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@DeadRhino 80k+ in balance though. Bet on 'sure things' and you can make a good 500 a day.

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@RobertCousineau 100% agreed... but...

Be careful!

@RobertCousineau ok but im also lazy

@DeadRhino Sounds like it's time to extend it? Neither of you has been on the leaderboards? @Conflux ?

I think they're considering removing self-resolving market profit from the leaderboards

@Conflux this would destroy my profits

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currently #48 because of wvm