What will be true about the new iPhone 16?
Sep 7
Upgraded camera
More neural engine cores
Upgraded microphones
New camera capture button with pressure and swipe controls
Will have exclusive access to a successor/improved version of Siri
Will have a 3x camera
A18 pro chip

What will be true about the standard iPhone 16, excluding any pro models.

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Regarding the Siri question: “Exclusive“ as in only the iPhone 16 has it?

Compared to the 15, 14 etc…?

OR compared to the 15, 15 Pro, 14, 14 Pro, etc…?

bought Ṁ50 Will have exclusive ... YES

I am assuming now that since you write “excluding any pro models“, if the iPhone 16 has access to an improved version of Siri that the iPhone 15 doesn‘t have, this will resolve YES

Will have exclusive access to a successor/improved version of Siri

It will include a major upgrade, or successor, to Siri, implementing some kind of LLM technology.

@redcat This is more linked to software, ios 18.

@DavideBerweger Unless you mean that apple will exclusively only allow this to be the case on the new iPhone, is that what you mean? Please confirm.

@DavideBerweger Yes, that's what I mean. It comes with a new iOS Version, but is only available on the newly released models.

bought Ṁ1 Will have exclusive ... YES
bought Ṁ20 A18 pro chip NO

Suggestion: “will have a 3x camera”

are we not allowed to add more answers?

@mattyb I prefer to hear suggestions and I will add them. Otherwise some people add options like: it will cost more than a dollar

bought Ṁ2 Upgraded microphones YES

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