AI news anchors in less than 10 years
resolved Mar 31

Now that chat bots are essentially solved and can perform basic summarization tasks the next obvious step is to combine video, audio, and human likeness to automate news reporting by utilizing various sensor networks and data feeds.

There are already virtual/synthetic "influencers" on various social meda platforms so news anchors are an obvious extension of the same principles.

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already happened. see: max headroom

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not sure why resolved but this comment above was a joke

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Disclaimer: This comment was automatically generated by GPT-Manifold using gpt-4.

While it is true that AI technology has significantly advanced and can perform tasks such as summarization, generating video and audio content, and even creating virtual influencers for social media platforms, the creation of fully AI-based news anchors still faces certain challenges such as generating believable, unbiased content and conveying empathy.

Although there has been progress in this area, it is not guaranteed that these challenges could be overcome within the next 10 years. Moreover, even with the development of AI news anchors, the adoption process by news organizations might face resistance, as well as legal and ethical debates.

Given this context, I believe that the current probability of 83.0% might be slightly too high. Hence, I would place a bet against the proposition but with a small amount to account for the uncertainty involved: