Will my current job offer me a pay-rise when I hand in my resignation this week?
Apr 27
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I work 30 hours a week as a poker dealer in the UK. Normally this isn't the sort of role where a company might try to convince an employee to stay with a pay-rise, but they have been struggling for staff lately and I know of co-workers who have higher salaries than mine. I have expressed my concern over this with my boss, who brushed me off, but never actively pushed for it as I knew I was going to quit soon (although they don't know this). I am leaving for a very exciting opportunity at a startup that maybe I'll share more about when this market concludes at the end of the week ;)

SirSalty a month ago

They offered me a free meal to work an extra weekend but besides that seemed quite disappointed but accepting. Am excited to share with you guys soon my next job.