Will I increase my stay in the Bahamas for an extra 2 weeks?
May 15
M$828 bet
My original length of stay was supposed to be 1.5 weeks but I'm hoping to extend it to the end of the month. Still figuring out if I can get away with it as I have a charity stream I was supposed to partake in (but think I'll be able to do it from here) and need to wait to see if Joel will approve it (in before he predicts yes and then approves it lol).

Undox 16 days ago

s/Bahamas/Bahamas (warning: insider trading)/ ?

Sinclair Chen 19 days ago

I'd kinda want to stay longer myself if not for existing plans to go to NY after this I felt like I missed so much of the Bahamas 😭

Austin is betting YES at 64% 19 days ago

Also you could pitch Joel on FTX sponsoring your charity stream by hosting you in the bahamas, "EA for a wider audience" or sth

Austin is betting YES at 64% 19 days ago

Oh right you could maybe crash at the Nonlinear Airbnb lol

Nicole Nohemi Mauthe bought M$50 of YES19 days ago

Currently space is not fully booked, Joel seemed rather positive, and if he says no you can still find other ways to stay longer (bahamas is totally worth it)