If it happens, will @JamesMedlock win his bet with Balaji?

Resolves according to public resolution, or N/A if it doesn't happen or is called off.

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Picklebought Ṁ20 of NO

I'm on side yes but 97% was just too good.

This is my hedge against my savings being worthless, at least I'll 15X my imaginary money.

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John Smithis predicting YES at 97%

@Pickle You’ll be to donate it to charity to slightly offset inflation on their ability to do good

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Pickleis predicting NO at 94%

@JohnSmithb9be I'll probably try and trade it for bread.

They said while holding 70% of their net worth as their principle residence with a mortgage on it. If there was more reputable econ people on the hyperinflation side I'd probably buy a newer vehicle but I'm hoping for better prices in the latter half of the year lol

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Chris Billingtonbought Ṁ500 of YES

Since there are gradations of "win" if I'm understanding the bet correctly, I assume this resolves based on which side makes a profit.

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Danis predicting YES at 98%