Will James Medlock take on another Twitter bet by the end of the year?
resolved Aug 27

@JamesMedlock is clearly high on his recent victory against Balaji Srinivasan, and is now asking random people for bets on Twitter.




Will @JamesMedlock take on another bet? To qualify, it must:

  • Be for real money stakes of any amount (charitable donations count)

  • Be mutually agreed upon and confirmed by both parties

  • Be "on Twitter", in the sense that it's between Medlock and another person active on twitter.

It does NOT:

  • Need to finish or pay out, I'll resolve the market upon mutual agreement and announcement by the bettors.

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I can’t believe I didn’t even check your real username @inerati

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well played

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@DanMan314 Well I did change the username

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@inerati Yea but the base name stayed the same and I dumped mana in without checking lol

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That's Right

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@inerati wow well played

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doing a little trolling


@hmmmmmmmm Any news you are interested in sharing here? I've looked through his twitter and am finding nothing of note. The closest is a bet offer from 09AUG2023 that didn't culminate in anything: https://nitter.net/jdcmedlock/status/1689091721513279488#r

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@RobertCousineau mercury is in retrograde

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@hmmmmmmmm (Urge to gamble)

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@hmmmmmmmm there's a decent amount of free mana if you bet yes on the things I've commented resolve yes.

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@RobertCousineau (He keeps making more and more tweets like this. Several in past few days. https://x.com/jdcmedlock/status/1692931740975636666?s=46)

Exciting developments!

FYI I will ultimately defer to @JamesMedlock here, but the lack of willingness to coordinate bet details until a month before it's due in 10 years makes it feel like this bet is pretty far from "confirmed" right now.

This market now endorsed by the tax man himself: