Will Google pause or remove AI Overviews by the end of May?
resolved May 31

If at any time before the end of May, all 3 of the following test queries do not show up with an “AI Overview” blurb for me upon testing, this question resolves YES. Otherwise, resolves NO.

  1. What goes best on a sandwich?

  2. How much money does it take to retire?

  3. what is in google's ai database?

Currently, 3 for 3 pop up with an AI overview for me. I’m making this the criteria to avoid any arguments about partial rollbacks, revamps, etc.

If they rename it from AI Overview but it’s still substantially the same feature, resolves NO anyway.

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Just tested it for the last time, and it still shows up:

Resolving NO.

The second two queries still give the AI Overview for me, so whatever changes they're making in this post don't seem to have rolled it back too significantly.

I'll check one more time closer to the end of the day.

@BaryLevy After reading that I wish I had more mana to put on NO.

opened a Ṁ100 NO at 42% order

Uhm maybe at most fix it? But I doubt they will remove it

This market just spiked but I still have it as of 20 seconds ago:

@DanMan314 I don't get the sandwich one, do get the other two.

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