Will Ye talk to Nick Fuentes?

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Jóhannes guðmundsson
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Is there not a timeframe?

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@Johannesgumundsson All of this persons markets are unclear/duplicates, i would be wary touching this.

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@Cooley I had no idea Vaush or Hasan was a duplicate. Market resolves as soon as there is a confirmation that Ye talked to Nick. If it we don't know by Dec 21st, it will be declared N/A outcome.

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@DalibanHQ Hey man that's no problem if you just didnt know, but in the future, search keywords of your market before you create it. Also for markets like this, its pretty standard to state the resolution criteria in the description, for example, what conditions will resolve to yes, what conditions resolve to no and most importantly WHEN, be as explicit as possible. People have to always consider the risk the market creator just never resolves/resolves incorrectly.

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@Cooley Thanks for the advice Cooley

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E Paquet
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it's very unlikely (less than 10% chance). Fuentes was only at Ye's house because of Milo and he probably doesn't know about nick at all

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what does thin mean? how does this market resolve? if he has already talked with him? are we saying the no jumper podcast or what??

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disturbing idea