Will Farha become one of Destiny's Orbiters?
resolved Jan 10

Destiny watched a movie with Farha, is she becoming close to eventually being an orbiter?

Resolve Yes: Destiny calls her an orbiter, she makes appears in a stream five times in one month.
Resolve No: 12/31/2023, none of the Yes condtions are completed.

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@traders Anyone have proof of YES? If not, as a community, how would you see this resolving?

@DalibanHQ What say you?

@Agh This should be 100% , right, I mean they traveled a few times together, on stream more than 5 times in a month for sure if I remember right?
Sorry I am bugging you dggL

@SirCryptomind subjectively I would say she is an orbiter. But by the rules of the market I'm not sure if she has been on stream five times in one month, that's a lot. And finding a clip of destiny calling her an orbiter would be way too much work.

The market creator has a relatively popular channel by the same name, you could try contacting him.

@Agh Now that I thought about it, most of the time they were on stream together during trips were when they had Zherka with them.
Ill try to reach out.
This is a tough one, because I agree I would subjectively say orbiter also.

Wasn't Destiny's definition of Orbiter: Someone who's success is tied directly to/started to take off with him. Whereas Aba couldn't be labeled one as he was already successful before entering the autismosphere. An orbiter can't leave orbit without vanishing into the void of space 🌌

do both the conditions need to be met for yes? or is it just one of those?