Will Destiny become friends with Keffals?
resolved Jan 2

Resolve: Keffals becomes Destiny's orbiter, rebuilds bridge.

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Inactive creator, looked at this with other people on the new years day resolve event and the consensus was that while Destiny and Keffles's relationship has improved, she's not an orbiter as the description and comments would require for a yes resolution. Therefore it resolves no.

Maybe next year!

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@Joshua Yeah, they're definitely not friends or even "friendly" imo.

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Can someone explain why this has resolved No?

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It's only up from here!

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no fucking way he's that dumb


The Max situation

The multi year Ana situation

Do you really think he’s not that dumb?

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How lose would you be with the term ‘orbiter’? Like how often would they be talking for her to be one? Or what other criteria makes her an orbiter? (Tweeting often? Her speaking well of Destiny often on stream? Etc)

@Tsuivy On good terms with each other, if he calls her an orbiter and appears in at least 5 videos in one month. Another way to resolve this could be resolved is if Keffal's fanbase and adjacent Twitter communites recognize they are in fact, associated with each other in a frequent matter.

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