A self described Solarpunk movie has a theatre release before Halloween 2030
closes 2030

In this case, the movie has the word solarpunk in the title, in the descriptive blurb, in an official advertisment or is described as such by a director in an interview. It has to have a theater release. Animation, AI drawn, non-profit and shorts all count as long as it is shown in a theater.

Description of the movie as solarpunk by a film critic or the unwashed online does not count. TV/streaming does not count. A film festival entry only counts if it is shown at multiple theaters.

The actual details of wether or not the film counts as 'solarpunk' are irrelevent to the resolution of this market, it just has to be self described.

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sterbl avatar

I'm assuming "Halloween 2030" strictly means the date, and not a potential Halloween (franchise) movie release with that title 🔪 😁

CromlynGames avatar
Patrick Barry

@sterbl date :)

ManifoldDream avatar

Manifold in the wild: Taking bets: Solarpunk movie release by Halloween 2030

URL: https://manifold.markets/CromlynGames/a-self-described-solarpunk-movie-ha

CromlynGames avatar
Patrick Barry

@ManifoldDream interesting!

CromlynGames avatar
Patrick Barry

@ManifoldDream you should also be reviewing LinkedIn!

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