Will I stay up past 3am sometime before 2024?
resolved Jan 1

I've always woken up and gone to bed relatively early compared to other people, and even when I have nothing in the morning I've pretty successfully avoided staying up significantly past midnight! My sleep times have been trending later, though, and it isn't ridiculous to think that I might pull an all-nighter at some point. So this market will resolve YES if I stay up past 3am sometime during the rest of 2022 or 2023, and NO otherwise.

If I travel between time zones over the course of the day, it must be past 3am in all time zones I've been in that day for it to resolve this market YES. For example, if I wake up in California, fly to New York, and go to bed at 4am, it's still 1am in California, so that wouldn't count for the market.

If I go to bed earlier than 3am but am unable to fall asleep, or successfully fall asleep earlier but wake up such that I am awake at 3am, that also wouldn't count for this market. I must be intentionally staying up past 3.

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You have never pulled an all nighter???

@BTE Surprisingly!

@Conflux do you want to?

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@ManifoldDream Wow, what a gReAt artist's depiction of the situation.

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