Will I get a 5 on AP US History without taking the class?
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I know a lot of US History info from previous classes, Wikipedia binges, and suchlike, so I'm hoping to get a 5 on the APUSH test even though I haven't actually taken the APUSH class.

So far I've taken part of a practice test and watched some videos on how to score well on the free response (key point: write formulaically). My plan is to self-study to fill in some of my content gaps, do more practice tests, and study with a friend at another school who is taking the test and the APUSH class and apparently got a 5 on AP Euro last year. Here's hoping all that's enough to get me a 5 as well! But we'll see.

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Confluxbought Ṁ100 of YES

I kinda feel like I slayed. I've thought that before though and been wrong, so idk. But I think this time it's real!

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power creepis predicting NO at 79%

@Conflux been hearing around and off the vibe you'll defo be fine lol

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power creepis predicting NO at 79%

@astyerche for legal reasons nothing about the actual problems 😔 just the vibes

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Chonflux will win

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Thoughts going into tomorrow: I feel on the borderlands of a 4 and a 5. Great on multiple choice but it's only 40% of the exam. All of the practice writing stuff I've done, my knowledgeable apush friend thinks is more 4-quality than 5-quality, mostly for not explicitly tying things to the thesis enough and being specific enough. But that was like a week ago and I thiiiink I understand my mistakes and will be careful enough tomorrow to get a 5. And maybe some luck would help. Anyway, time to get some sleep!

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power creepis predicting NO at 72%

@Conflux good luck!

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If you do better than me I might cry

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I did another multiple choice from the book (40/55) and a real multiple choice from a a past AP (48/55). I think the real ones are easier, so this updates me in favor of a noticeably higher score on multiple choice! It's still only 40% of the exam.

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@Conflux Last multiple choice score is 52/55, the hell

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Update: my friend thinks my practice test was more like a 3, but gave me some helpful advice and thinks I’ll improve quickly on the next practice test. I have to answer questions more explicitly, follow the format better, write more words on the next DBQ, and also do it on a separate sheet of paper instead of trying to fit it in the test book. We’re both optimistic since I think these are pretty surface-level things, and I pretty much have the required content/historical understanding.

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Did a practice test yesterday! 38/55 on multiple choice, with a few clear areas for improvement (I'm very weak on the early 1600s history questions) but it's only 40% of the score. Most of the test is writing - short answers, document-based questions, long essays. Watched some videos (from Heimler History on YouTube) about it, which go over the AP rubrics and the formula you should use.

I think I did a decent job executing this on my practice test, though it's hard to tell what score I would've gotten. Depending on how to interpret the AP rubric, I think my answers are probably in 4/5 territory, and I expect to improve as I practice more.

Overall I'm feeling good! Motivated. I didn't even feel like the practice test was torturous, although my hand was quite sore.

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@Conflux I'm not looking forward to taking it, the fuck is an encomienda system

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@Conflux How's your complexity and sourcing?

Also, are you doing practice tests from College Board? Do those give feedback on SA/LE/DB questions?

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Confluxis predicting YES at 78%

@puntabulous I think I’ve got a Princeton Review book? Maybe a different brand, but that style.

Have you taken APUSH/Euro/World? Maybe we can chat

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@Conflux Yep, I took APUSH last year and got a 5! Taking World this year.

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Confluxis predicting YES at 78%

@puntabulous Oh awesome!

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My history knowledge is a mess
But who needs knowledge to impress?
I'll cheat my way to victory
AI takes the test for me

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well thanks y’all for the lovely incentive!

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