Global Average Temperature June 2024 per gistemp LOTI v4 vs 1951-1980 base period
Jul 14
June 2024 greater than 1.085
June 2024 greater than 1.155
June 2024 greater than 1.205
June 2024 greater than 1.255

Data is currently at


(or such updated location for this Gistemp v4 LOTI data)

January 2024 might show as 122 in hundredths of a degree C, this is +1.22C above the 1951-1980 base period. If it shows as 1.22 then it is in degrees i.e. 1.22C. Same logic/interpretation as this will be applied.

If the version or base period changes then I will consult with traders over what is best way for any such change to have least effect on betting positions or consider N/A if it is unclear what the sensible least effect resolution should be.

Numbers expected to be displayed to hundredth of a degree. The extra digit used here is to ensure understanding that +1.20C does not resolve an exceed 1.205C option as yes.

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