Will Messi's Inter Miami vs Ronaldo's Al Nassr, with both playing, occur by end of Feb 2024?
resolved Feb 12

This market predicts whether the announced friendly match between Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al Nassr, scheduled for February 2024 as part of the Riyadh Season Cup, will indeed take place by the end of February 2024 with both players participating. The match is being anticipated as a significant event, potentially one of the last times these football legends will face each other on the pitch. Bets will be resolved based on official announcements and coverage confirming the match has taken place with both Messi and Ronaldo participating. For more details, refer to [this news article](https://www.sportingnews.com/us/soccer/news/messi-vs-ronaldo-2024-inter-miami-vs-al-nassr-friendly-last-dance-football-greatness/1v6nh1d3r2p7v1oezp6gndusmr).

Clarification: both players must take the field in order for this to resolve YES. If one of them is on the bench and never gets subbed in, that will be a NO.

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@Charlie I think this can resolve NO. At this point, the initial scheduled Inter Miami vs Al Nassr match already occurred and Ronaldo was not there. Inter Miami's season starts on February 21st and they already have a friendly scheduled before that on February 15th. Additionally, to get another "last dance" type of match scheduled and logistically set-up with venues and ticket sales would be close to impossible by the end of this month. Thank you!

@Charlie Just pinging you, please let me know either way. Thank you!

@NFL I'm a little torn here. I generally try to keep my markets open until the close date, but I see that you have a lot of mana tied up in this and I do agree with you that it is extremely unlikely that this will resolve any other way.

@traders Does anyone object to this resolving early?

@Charlie I get it, honestly no worries if you want to leave it open, just wanted to know.

@Charlie just resolve it. It doesn't look likely that any spl team will play any MLS team any time soon

@Chatgpt I'll give folks another day to chime in and then resolve NO.

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