Will I subvert my internet blocks in the next three days?
Apr 11

It's ok if it's for legitimate purposes, but have to reblock right away.

Additional context: I use the Stayfocusd extension on my computer, which gives me 20 minutes a day on my blocked sites, mainly Reddit and Youtube, before blocking them. If I disable the extension and consume content that would normally be blocked, this will resolve YES.

I have also added a second extension as an additional layer. This market applies to that extension as well.

*I've developed a few more consumption habits that don't violate the premise above, but are still a waste of time, so I'm including them in the honor system of this market.
- If any of the four added conditions are violated, this resolves YES:

-- no nontravel phone netflix
-- no facebook videos
-- no twitter unless necessary
-- no instagram reels

-- no youtube shorts or tiktok videos

  • I also reserve the right to add more conditions to this market ONLY if they make the goal harder not easier, so NO bettors beware.

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