Writers' Room: Which of my comedy video ideas will have above-median performance?
Friend who took a long time in the bathroom
Sketchy human ATM
Spies when they accidentally bite the poison pill hidden in their tooth
Before Sunrise POV in record shop
Depression after a team I never heard of loses
Remembering that PBR was a thing
Gross side of owls delivering mail in the great hall
Candy addiction hotline
Friend who thinks they're safety officer
Slytherin doing the math
Thinking I'm admiring the view from the Tokyo Skytower only to reveal that I don't realize I'm actually at the base of it.
Cheap Airbnb tour
American Express review
Future Me
Having a bone to pick with soccer players doing a “bow and arrow” celebration but letting go of the bow
Coaching my girlfriend to queue up match highlights from another room to avoid spoilers
How it feels logging in with authenticator (shot in the style of dramatically diffusing a bomb)
Saying "Damn" in front of a dam.
Whatever the next clip of me doing standup is
NFC Translation

I have started a small comedy channel, and have several more ideas for videos. Which ones will do well?

Videos will be posted on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube Shorts. If after ~48 hours, the video

  • performs above my median views for two out of the three platforms

  • OR is my most viewed video on at least one platform

the choice for that market will resolve YES. Otherwise, that choice resolves NO.

I will only resolve N/A if I realize a video is never gonna happen.

~~Almost none of these ideas are self-explanatory, so consider this a draft market and enjoy betting with almost zero context.~~

~~I plan to return and at the very least explain each premise.~~

Update: I've added top-of-mind descriptions to all the ideas currently listed (and made a couple bets as I went through too).

I also hope to rate the complexity and difficulty of execution. If I've sketched out lines or gags, I'll try to include that. Some of these I have already filmed-- I could potentially share some of the raw footage. I might also add some of my standup videos and suggest jokes or timestamp ranges for betting. I could also add jokes that haven't been filmed yet to see if they're worth perfoming!

Here are the channels:
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@charliemocomedy
YouTube: Charlie Mo - YouTube
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charliemocomedy/reels/

update 10/24: Going to spend some time writing quick description/premises for things.

Some things to keep in mind when betting:

  • I like creating, writing, and performing comedy, but I have fairly limited experience putting together comedy video. If a premise looks like it might exceed my abilities, it might be worth either betting it down or assuming that I will try to simplify it to a level more commensurate to my editing skills.

  • I think my priority for what to actually create from this list will be based on some informal combination of "likelihood of success" / perceived effort to create.

Descriptions (in no particular order)

  • Glass of Thrones letdown

    • Like some of my existing conent, this came to me walking around.

    • Belfast has a series of very prominent stained glass window art dedicated to Game of Thrones. However, when I was there, there was one that was noticeably empty. The punchline is that the empty one represents seasons 9 and 10 where the writers tied everything together.

    • I've already filmed all of this and it came out ok.

    • Need to edit and add subtitles

  • Glass of thrones letdown (polished)

    • same as above except I also shot some more detailed clips of the windows.

    • It would take more work to add that footage in as edits, but it might result in more views!

  • Spies when they accidentally bite the poison pill hidden in their tooth

    • fairly self explanatory

    • fellah laughing with friends, biting wrong, grabbing his cheek, and it all setting in

  • Friend who took to long in the bathroom

    • Friend gets escalatingly defensive about how long they took in the bathroom

    • Have a lot of gags for this already

    • Difficulty 6/10 because it's editing and two characters

  • Depression after a team I never heard of loses

    • probably a series of videos modeled off of lonely Pablo Escobar meme

    • need to tighten up text

  • Rembering that PBR was a thing

    • very simple-- probably just a "showerthoughts" style, staring out the window, brow furrows.

    • need to revist the text overlay of this video

    • maybe emphasize how it feels like that never happened.

  • Every time I try to order a beer

    • Have some scraps of dialog for this

    • Generally about how intimidated I get when trying to order a beer at a bar

    • Difficulty seems variable, but let's assume I'm just going to try to "green screen" this

  • American Express review

    • Shot in the style of a serious personal finance channel

    • Devolves into the downsides of this card being the awkard moments when you have to ask if they take Amex or you don't ask and it doesn't work.

    • Escalate by alternating between pros and increasingly absurd cons

  • Gross side of owls delivering mail in the great hall

    • Clip great hall owl delivery scene from first HP movie

    • cut to our me sitting down to my lunch at the great hall and it just getting covered in bird poop.

    • bulls eye into drink a nice touch

    • pros: Harry Potter content seems highly spreadable

    • cons: messy

  • Friend who thinks they're safety officer

    • (or, friend who's anxiety manifests itself as concern for safety)-- this is a bit too heady though.

    • Already shot several clips of this.

      • Just me scrutinizing Fire hydrant instructions and calling the front desk about fire department about their procedures

    • Want a few more clips of me checking that everyone has their seatbelt on.

  • Satire of sales ads

    • or really-- satire of Hustle influencers

    • I also already shot this.

    • Footage is selfie video of a hustle bro character walking around and obnoxiously lecturing his audience as we gradually reveal that he has hopelessly lost track of where his car is in a sprawling parking garage

  • Brainstorming how to become viral

    • Shot from the laptop webcam chatting with another unseen interlocutor

    • Already have a bunch of gags from the perspective of someone completely clueless about how social media works

  • Dreamy nonesnical philosophy shot

    • Visuals: stock footage of clouds or something similarly pensive

    • audio: Sounds deep but is actually a sort of stream of consciousness rambling that never loses its confidence

  • Before Sunrise POV in record shop

    • Clip of Before Sunrise record shot scene

    • She looks up at him

    • Use 0.5 wide angle lens close up to make a really silly shot of what Ethan Hawke looked like up close in that scene

  • Sketchy human ATM

    • Character navigates to a fairly, somewhat sketch isolated outdoor area, and is confused as they check their phone

    • Sketchy character there with a sign on them that says ATM.

    • Our protagonist goes along with it.

    • Ideas

      • Maybe the ATM guy takes a call in the middle of it while he has the other guys card.

      • "Yeah it didn't work"

      • Could give in the wrong currency

  • NFC Translation

    • Somewhat techincal but fun

    • Shot in the style of a "tech hacks" youtube channel

      • Showing off Apple Shortcuts + NFC tokens to help them tap their phone on household items and learn how to say them in Spanish (or Portuguese).

      • Mentions that his girlfriend helped with the translation

      • Only, when our protagonist taps his phone, it's obvious to everone but him that the translations are just sassy mistranslations designed to make him look dumb.

  • Future Me

    • Already written and shot and 80% edited. It was my first attempt at this stuff in a while and has a lot of edits.

    • Premise: My future self is dropped into the room with me, only, he's only from four days in the future and they realize there's not much for them to discuss.

    • I can share the script of this if anyone asks

    • I missed ONE somewhat key line in shooting and am still working on editing around that.

  • Slytherin doing the math.

    • This also came to me during HP1 movie.

    • At the end, Dumbledore pulls some wild points changes and basically fixes the House Cup race for Gryffindor

    • Showing this scene from the perspective of a Slytherin who is keeping track of the math during Dumbledore's shenanigans and assuring that the Slytherins are all good. Until they're not...

  • Candy addiction hotline

    • Scrutinizing a candy wrapper, our curious protagonist stumbles upon a candy addiction hotline (a la gambling addiction) and calls the number

    • Going to have to let this one steep. Right now it's just a premise.

    • Ideas

      • could go in a whimsical Willy-Wonka direction

  • Sketchy Airbnb tour

    • host giving tour and you gradually realizes you went too low budget

    • Gags

      • "that bedroom is out of Oder"

      • Stuff falling off

      • Strange rude goldbergian process for getting a door open

      • "Here's the kitchen/laundry room" pointing to sink in bathroom

      • Doing a double take at a random person on the couch the host doesn't even mention

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boughtṀ10Thinking I'm admirin... NO

I showed @AustinCrouse a sneak preview of this already-produced video. It flopped so hard with him that I had no choice but to direct him to the market where he could make charity money off of its relative unfunnyness.

Watching Harry Potter 1 on airplane and rewinding and quoting over and over the meme wizard chess section

Just posted this. In 48 hours it has to either be most viewed on one platform or complete 2/3 of:

Youtube: >473 views
TikTok: >679 views
Instagram: >321 views

Glass of Thrones letdown (polished)

CharlieMoComedy (@charliemocomedy) | TikTok

This is up on TikTok! Not looking so good!

Need Instagram to pull through:
These really captured the emotional journey! #gameofthrones #got #glassofthrones #comedy | Instagram

Also gonna need to be pretty strong on YouTube:

I'm hoping to check in around 48 hours to resolve this.

bought Ṁ60 of Glass of Thrones let... YES

@Charlie Instagram has pulled through! It's got 2x my previous highest views on that platform! So I think that means this should go YES, since the viewcount comparison is against the other videos viewcount at time of posting. I'll wait one more day.

Glass of Thrones letdown

I've mostly edited the "polished" version of this so this version is likely to N/A

Should I use the linked comments to add idea-specific info, or should I just have it all in the description?

@Charlie It looks like options don't link to comments about them, so I'm going to keep everything in the description.

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