I'm a new user. Will I still be using Manifold.markets in 1 month (October 19th)
resolved Oct 23

I'm new to Manifold. Actually just found out about it via the Manifest conference. I signed up to check it out... but will I still be here in 30 days...?

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@Eliza the real mvp

Lol, looks like Doug trolled us twice. First he deletes his account while staying active, then he stops being active.


Who resolves??

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@RobertCousineau How did you get this information?

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@CDOUG How do you like it so far? People are curious about why you deleted your account.

lastBetTime: 1696707452441 (15 hours ago) https://manifold.markets/api/v0/user/CDOUG

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@jskf how can he bet when his account is deleted? Maybe it's a limit order being fulfilled?

@Shump deleting an account just flips a label that says it's deleted, UI hides the profile, you don't get put in a league, etc. You can still use the account normally for the most part.

Chris Billingtonboughtแน€70NO

Maybe a bait market? be careful

@firstuserhere yeah. Is undeleting an account possible? Deleting your account to rig a single market seems over the top

@chrisjbillington Yeah you can contact admins to undelete. Even if account is deleted, it is merely hidden from UI, underlying capability to make bets remains.

@firstuserhere yes, I know deletion doesn't actually stop you from betting. But making your profile page inaccessible still seems over the top.

I guess if it can be reversed then this seems more likely to be bait

@chrisjbillington yeah, the change is reversible. Fun example: Mira and SirCryptomind once had a deleted account xD

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Pretty weird that you can undelete an account when the account deletion button says that it's permanent.

I also signed up here for ManiFest, and almost gave up on the site for good a couple days ago. But somehow I keep coming back even though it's a pointless waste of time.

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@ThisProfileDoesntExist A lot of things are a pointless waste of time.

Nooo, wtf happened

@JeremiahKellick Maybe they'll be back? Suspiciously on-the-nose to just totally delete your account after making a market like this.