Will the 2024 DNC and RNC Nominees Engage in a Long-Form Debate?
Nov 7

At any point prior to the 2024 US Presidential Election, will the selected Democrat and Republican nominees engage in a 2 hour or longer debate/discussion?

Fine Print

The nominees must have already been selected by their political party as the chosen nominee for US president. The debate/discussion must be publicized and widely available online. With or without moderation is acceptable. Third party nominees do not count. The debate must actually happen and last for 2+ hours - if scheduled and subsequently cancelled, it does not count. I must be able to credibly validate that the debate occurred. The debates must be by the actual candidates, not their likeness or an AI representation.

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AFAICT there hasn't been a (general election) US Presidential Debate over 2 hours in at least 20 years, probably much longer (standard length appears to be 90 minutes).

In the 2024 election, it's likely that the younger of the two candidates will be 78 years old.

A long-form debate is, to put it mildly, extremely unlikely.

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