Will Charles Oliveira VS Arman Tsarukyan happen at UFC 300?
resolved Apr 14

•This market will resolve in a YES if the fight between Charles Oliveira and Arman Tsarukyan happens on Saturday, April 13th, 2024

• This market will resolve in a NO if one of the fighters can't compete that night for any reason at all.

•This market will resolve in a NO if one or both of the fighters is replaced for any reason before fight night.

• The market will resolve NO if the fight gets cancelled by the UFC

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@KwameOsei & @Smh Thanks for bringing this up. it was my mistake.

Movie gif. Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy in Anchorman looking uncomfortable but unemotional, blinking and saying "Sorry."

@Carrotcake No problem!

@mug0 & Michael's Bot Laboratory I wrongly resolved this market.

Wtf r u doing??

@KwameOsei my mistake I resolved this market wrong.

@Carrotcake Maybe fix it?

@KwameOsei how do I fix it. I've been trying to find a button to do it. Or simply report the market.

???? bro is lying

@Smh my mistake I resolved this market wrong.


Could one of these guys potentially get hurt during training camp and withdraw from the event?

What does Bo Nickal’s fight have to do with this market?

@mug0 Thank you for catching that. 🙏

@Carrotcake Of course. Hoping to see Charles fight again 🤞🏾

@mug0 I completely agree 🤞

Earlier I tried to search his injury history and that of Tsarukan.

@Carrotcake Last two fights was a cut on his last sparring session. Prior to that it was horse racing haha