Will Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg tweet/thread a photo/video together in 2023?
resolved Jan 3

Question will resolve yes if any of them tweet/thread a photo/video* where both appear in the same location at the same time.

*Edited photos or videos dont count. Older photos or videos do count. The tweet has to be posted between Aug23 and the last day of Dec23.

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Does it resolve as "yes" if Musk retweets a (new) video or photo of them together?

Does it resolve as "yes" if Zuckerberg posts about it on Threads?

@PeterBuyukliev retweet or rethread does not count.

Posting on thread do count as is the equivalent platform of tweeter/X for Zuck.

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This has no to resolve as NO even if they post a pic of them together on X or Threads. They can't tweet or post a tweet about anything anymore. By nature of your question this has to be NO

@Mcbeebee Tweet is obviously synonymous with X post, unless otherwise defined. The change is very recent. This kind of pedant-ism isn't useful in any way.

If a market automatically resolves to something the moment it is posted, it defeats the point of creating a market in the first place. In cases like these, the spirit of the question should be the guiding principle.