Will Twitter/X change its logo in any significant way by the end of 2024?
Dec 31

They promised to change it, and they haven't. Looking at it makes me sad. It's a depressing logo. Will they change it in any significant way?

Some changes that are NOT enough to resolve YES:

*Any changes that are only color changes to a different monochrome color.

*Slightly changing the style of the X, such as beveling the pointy edges.

*Adding a light "grunge" background.

*Bolding, thinning, stretching, or shrinking the X but otherwise leaving it the same.

If anything clearly more significant than a change like the above happens, resolves YES.

This is meant to be a less restrictive version of these markets:



blue twitter logo inside an inferno
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Uh. Can someone please teach me how to add a banner picture?

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