Will Destiny debate Vaush in 2023
resolved Oct 3

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Why has this not resolved yet?

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@dieselbaby1337 Why aren't you buying more YES?

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@dieselbaby1337 ? because he hasn't debated vaush yet.

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that was a good debate panel. W

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Vidcon panel live right now with Vaush and Emma. https://kick.com/destiny

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A panel is not necessarily a debate.

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@Joshua I didnt say it was, I imagine peopel betting on this market are somewhat interested in the personalities and might want to watch :)

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Creator hasn’t been active in 7 months it seems

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@Traveel at least wait for the vidcon panel before you ask for an admin resolve.

Maybe they will debate there and it will make the resolution a whole lot less controversial.

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@Agh Good point. it won't be long.

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@Agh hey works for me, more time to buy up YES shares at this ridiculously low rate. Easiest +15% I've ever made in my life.

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@NexVeridian I personally don't count that as a "debate" even if the thumbnail says so, but we'll see how the market creator feels.

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@PunishedFurry If Destiny's own youtube video says debate in the title, thumbnail AND description, what else are you looking for? It becomes quibbling over how many disagreements there were.

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@Dennis5a87 Can you point out a timestamp where they are actually disagreeing with each other? An actual back and forth.

Just because the title, thumbnail, description says "debate" doesn't mean it was an actual debate. The editor probably thought it would do better in the algo.

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@PunishedFurry They have a pretty decent exchange about how to fix housing, starting at 38:00, untill nearly the end of the video. https://youtu.be/GNMpeJKlNUQ?t=1684

Of course, its not a screaming match, but its not the setting to be.

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@Dennis5a87 Yes, they do have a brief exchange on housing in which they agree with each other because they have the same positions on housing issues in the U.S.

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@PunishedFurry They dont actually agree on it. Destiny points out the inherent perverse incentive in homeowning causing voters to be pro-NIMBY while the lefties tried to pin the blame on Investors.

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@Shah @PunishedFurry And to add on what Shah says, later on Vaush/Emma and reporter are talking about private equity buying up houses, which they see as the issue. Destiny disagrees and says its a small issue, responds that the issue is actually too little housing. Then reporter and Emma interject again later to disagree again with Destiny's take.

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@PunishedFurry But you see now how it actually IS autistic quibbling over if there's enough disagreement... :^)

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@Dennis5a87 @Shah I again go back to my original challenge. Can you point me to a single timestamp where Destiny and Vaush exchange disagreements with each other? The only time I've seen Destiny do this was with Rokanna and Emma. Vaush didn't try to disagree with Destiny either.

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@PunishedFurry He did. Stop trying to imitate destiny. It’s funny when he does it bc the question he’s posing didn’t get addressed. Yours was. Crimge + L + soyjack (no disrespect)

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@NADZOR My question didn't get addressed. I got linked a timestamp where they didn't exchange any disagreements.

Desiny wouldn't consider this a debate, even the parts where he disagreed with Ryan and Emma. The only point that you guys have is that editor called it a "debate".