Will Man City make it to the semifinals in the 23/24 UEFA Champions League
Apr 19

Resolve Yes if Manchester City competes in the semiFinals match of the UEFA Champions League.

Resolve No if Manchester City knocked out in quarter-finals or earlier.

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Manchester City won their historic first Champions League title in 2022–2023 and lost in the final the following year, but since the 2020–2021 season, they have regularly advanced to either the semifinals or the final. With a fundamental concentration on beautiful football under Coach Guardiola and the presence of elite players like Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, Haaland, Foden, etc., this is a team constructed and trained to win the Champions League.

They are topping the group stage with 28 points, and they are doing well in the league as well. They have won 4 of their last 5 games, scoring 12 goals (or 3 goals per game on average) and giving up just 3 goals (or 0.75 per game). The average possession percentage is a noteworthy number, at 69%, with an astounding 94.25% successful pass rate (uefa.com, 2023). They play possession like never before.

They will try to duplicate their success this year as the Champions League champions and a squad renowned for the most amazing and thrilling style of play for football fans. Making it to the Champions League semifinals will be the season's minimum objective.

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Yes, I agree with the bet Man City will make to the semifinals in the league. though they have players who departed from the club and part of the Treble winning team, they replaced the team with balancing position in the team. since the UEFA start, they are leading the tabletop of the ball possession and passing accuracy.

Source: Stats | UEFA Champions League 2023/24 | UEFA.com

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Manchester City Football Club is poised to advance to the semi-finals in the 2023 Champions League, showcasing peak performance under the guidance of manager Pep Guardiola. As the reigning champions of the 2022 edition, they have consistently excelled in previous years, reaching the semi-finals in both 2021 and 2022. Currently dominating their group stage, the team has secured 5 wins, 1 draw, and 0 losses, firmly establishing themselves as the top team.

Pep Guardiola, a highly experienced manager with a successful track record, has clinched league victories both as a manager and a player. The squad boasts exceptional players, with Haaland serving as their standout striker and finishing as the runner-up for the Ballon d'Or, only behind Messi. Their formidable attacking style has resulted in convincing victories, highlighting their offensive prowess and goal-scoring strength.

While reaching the semi-finals seems inevitable, the ultimate question lies in whether Manchester City will secure victory in the Champions League.

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From my perspective, Manchester City should start this season as the favourites of winning the Champions League for another time. The have all that required for it to take place. This year, they have players on offense and defense, and they are defending well.
Each individual on this team is quite powerful and together, they are like a machine that simply out-matches other competitors. For them, more opportunities shall be available.

However, Manchester City not only has the strongest team players but a great team manager who is knowledgeable in mobilizing his team’s efforts. Tactically astute coaches also play an important role in bringing success to a football team. In addition, it is not by chance that their deep squad enables rotation and a high degree of stamina over the lengthy and tiring championship.

Also, the structure and facilities of the club serve as a basis for long-term prosperity. Excellent training facilities, sports science support, and medical staff are very important for maintaining the players in their best shape. The team is, therefore, able to be competitive during various sporting competitions because of this support system which is very comprehensive.

The season is unfolding interestingly as people watch how Manchester City maneuvers through the many hurdles and grabs the available chances. Armed with talented players, vast experience, and adequate financial muscle, it is evident that one day they will emerge, yet again, for the Champions league fight.

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ManCity has shown stellar performances in recent years having won major titles such as the Premier League and the UEFA Champions league last season. Fans, games houses and predictions have staked them at a 92% chance of winning the UEFA league again.

Their win ratio is an interesting 73% with 44 of 61 games won in 2020/2023. In the English Premier league, Man City has twenty one consecutive home victories across all competitions more than any other English team in the Premier league era.

All these places City and its team of talented players on the pitch and bench, on a path to reaching the semi finals of the UEFA champions league. The competition remains stiff for the other clubs.




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@Eddie394a Not for long

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Manchester City is the latest Champions League winner, the 2022/23 season being the first time they won, having won their first title in the 2022/23 season. But it is important to note that, City has reached the semifinals of the Champions League in six of the last ten seasons. City has one of the strongest squads in Europe, with a good mix of experience and youth thanks to its strong financial position. Another fact that favors them is a relatively easy stage group, alongside RB Leipzig, Sevilla, and Crvena Zvezda which are teams that don't tend to stand out in these competitions. Also, City has an average possession rate of 68.67% in the Champions League this season (the highest of any team); they have averaged three goals each game this season, and only conceded a maximum of one goal per game this season (the second-fewest of any team). Finally, City has reached the semifinals of the Champions League in 6 out of the last 10 seasons.

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Over the past five seasons, Manchester City have shown commendable standards in the UEFA Champions League, especially in their performances in the group and knockout stages. In the group stage, Manchester City have consistently exhibited a remarkable level of dominance, securing victory in an average of 75% of their matches, a percentage that places them as the best team in Europe regarding wins during this period.

Moving on to the knockout phase, Manchester City maintained an enviable record by winning an average of 55% of their matches. This achievement placed them as the third-best-performing European team over the same period. Bayern Munich and Real Madrid narrowly edged them out, with 60% and 57% success rates, respectively.

Combining their achievements in the group stage and round of 16, Manchester City's potential to advance to the upcoming UEFA Champions League 2023/24 semi-finals looks very promising. With an impressive 65% odds, Manchester City stands out as favorites, outperforming all other European teams in terms of odds.

Nonetheless, it is paramount to acknowledge the inherent unpredictability and uncertainties inherent to football. While Manchester City's recent form and statistical data undeniably strengthen its claim, it is essential to reiterate that success hinges on its continued commitment to excellence and performance.

Manchester City's enduring consistency, as highlighted by their historical performance data, bolsters their reputation as the leading contender for the coveted Champions League title this season. Additionally, the following table outlines Manchester City's performance in the group stage and knockout stage over the last five seasons:

The consistency of Manchester City's strong performance in both the group and knockout stages is a compelling rationale for their standing as the favored contender in the current season's UEFA Champions League campaign.

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MAN City has consistently been turning out stellar performances both in the English Premier league and UEFA in recent times. Based on the current play, they are very likely to make it to the Semi finals of the UEFE Champions league


  • Recent form: Man City has been in excellent form in recent seasons, winning the Premier League title in four of the last five years. They have also reached the Champions League semifinals in three of the last four years.

  • Squad depth: Man City has one of the strongest squads in Europe, with a good mix of experience and youth. They have world-class players in every position, including Erling Haaland, Kevin De Bruyne, and Phil Foden.

  • Managerial expertise: Pep Guardiola is one of the best managers in the world, and he has a proven track record of success in the Champions League. He has won the competition twice with Barcelona and led Man City to their first UEFA Champions League title in the 2022–23 season. Only one other manager Carlo Ancelotti has won more titles(4). 

  • Man City have reached the Champions League semifinals four times in their history. Winning two of those to proceed to the finals in 2021 and 2023. Winning their 2023 final. This season they are one of the favorites to win the Champions League. They have a strong squad, a world-class manager, and a lot of experience in the competition.

  • Man City are unbeaten in their last 27 UEFA home games in the Champions League. Winning 25 drawing 2. Their last defeat was a 2-1 loss to Lyon in September 2018. 

Manchester City's chances of making it to the SF in the 23/24 UCL seem quite favorable. They have made it to 4 consecutive SF's over the last 4 seasons, demonstrating their dominance and drive in this European competition. This, in addition to last seasons triumph, have put the odds in their favor as this seasons favorites. Lastly, the OPTA analyst, using AI to calculate probabilities, have predicted Man City a 69% chance of reaching the SF.

@KianSivertsen Manchester City have been dominant recently in the UCL. They have made it to 3 consecutive semi-finals, contrary to your comment, but I do agree that they are not only favourites to once again make the semis but to also go the distance and win.

4 games into the season, as defending champions, they remain one of 3 teams with a perfect record (the other two being Bayern and Real Madrid). They have also scored the joint most goals thus far, underscoring the prowess of their formidable attack. At present, across all of Europe, football fans would struggle to find 4 teams on par with them in terms of money, squad depth and quality.

Another tell of how dominant they have been and just how far they can go is in their home record. City are unbeaten in 28 previous matches at home in the competition, with their last home defeat coming back in 2018. There's a famous saying in football that goes: Win your home games and don't lose your away games (loosely). With the new format of the UCL making the away goals rule redundant, the club can remain confident in the fact that they can travel to other stadiums and secure a result (as they have shown numerous times in the last 5 years) but teams will almost always struggle when they come to play them in England.

Finally, we could look at their overall records in each of the last 3 years in the competition. The one year they didn't make the final was because of the remarkable remontada from Real Madrid, a club with more history in this competition than any other club in Europe. Barring those unbelievable heroics, City would be boasting 3 finals in 3 years. Across 38 games played in these 3 years, City have a near 70% win rate (26 wins) and have only lost 4 times. They did not lose a single match in all of the competition last season and have continued into the group stages this year. In such remarkable form, it is hard to not have them nailed down as semi-finalists, at the very least.

Im not a soccer fan or either an expert, however, based on statistics and trends I do believe that Kian's answer its not quite accurate and its unlikely that Manchester City will make it to the semifinals of the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League.

Manchester City has a strong record in the Champions League, having reached the semifinals four times in the last six seasons. However, the competition has become increasingly difficult in recent years, and there are a number of other strong teams like Real Madrid, Bayern or Paris Saint-Germain that are also likely to challenge for the title behind new entries to their teams and investment involved in the development of the team.

In addition, Manchester City has a relatively difficult group stage draw, facing RB Leipzig, Crvena zvezda, and BSC Young Boys. If they can top their group, they will likely face a tough opponent in the knockout stages.

Additional Statistics that supports my posture:

Manchester City's recent record in the Champions League:

  • 2022/23: Lost in the quarterfinals to Real Madrid

  • 2021/22: Lost in the final to Real Madrid

  • 2020/21: Won the competition

  • 2019/20: Reached the quarterfinals

  • 2018/19: Eliminated in the round of 16

Comparison to other top teams:

  • Bayern Munich: Reached the semifinals in five of the last six seasons

  • Real Madrid: Won the competition four of the last five seasons

  • Liverpool: Reached the Champions League final in three of the last five seasons

  • Paris Saint-Germain: Reached the semifinals in two of the last three seasons

  • Chelsea: Won the competition once in the last six seasons

Manchester City's group stage draw:

  • RB Leipzig: Reached the quarterfinals in 2022

  • Crvena zvezda: Reached the group stage in 2019 and 2020

  • BSC Young Boys: Reached the group stage in 2018 and 2022


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The data paints a compelling picture: Manchester City's recent 3-1 victories in the UEFA Champions League and 7 wins in 8 Premier League games demonstrate their current dominance. Also, add last season's cup triumph and a remarkable three-year streak in the semi-finals; the odds heavily favor them. Moreover, the team's historical consistency, reaching 5 semi-finals in 8 years, underscores their enduring prowess. This statistical mosaic points firmly towards Manchester City's potential. Betting on their semi-final berth this year isn't just a hunch; it's a statistically grounded choice, backed by a history of success and a current form that's nothing short of formidable.

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According to OPTA analyst, this year's UEFA Champions League contenders Manchester City have the highest chance of victory with 38.9%. The OPTA analyst used their own AI to calculate probabilities on who is most likely to win the prestigious competition. The supercomputer was able to run over 10,000 simulations and it turns out that the former champion of the Premier League has a 69% chance of making it to the semifinal. (Myson, 2023). https://theanalyst.com/na/2023/09/uefa-champions-league-predictions-can-bayern-arsenal-or-real-madrid-stop-man-city-2023-24/#:~:text=Man%20City%20then%20have%20a,half%20(55.1%25)%20our%20simulations.

Similarly, according to the telegraph uk, Manchester City's odds for winning the 23/24 Champions League is 2/1. Bayern Munich and Real Madrid are the next two contenders that have the highest odds however, Manchester City maintains favoritism in the competition (Whitley, 2023). https://www.telegraph.co.uk/betting/football/champions-league-winner-odds/#:~:text=Manchester%20City%20are%20the%202,3%20victory%20over%20Manchester%20United.

Finally, Manchester City has incredible players that have incredible stats throughout all the competitions the team plays. For example, their top striker, Erling Haaland, has 8 goals in the Premier League alone. This stat is the highest currently and last year, he broke the record for the most goals scored in a single Premier League. It's important to keep in mind his age which is only 23.

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