Will there be an astronomical body named Rationalussy by the end of 2024?

Has to be a generally recognized name or nickname, not one of those "Name a star after you" things.

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It used to be relatively easy to find new asteroids (which you could name) as an amateur, but now the big surveys picked all the low hanging fruit…

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@mariopasquato This is probably for the best, I can't imagine the horrible names astronomers on the Internet would give to those poor asteroids.

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Why is this so high when BC hasn't even bet on it yet?

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@JosephNoonan Ya 7% chance is insane

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@Traveel and it was more like 20% before I bet it down.

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@JosephNoonan wdym BC hasn't bet on it?

And yeah I agree. 7% is insanely low

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@firstuserhere The original comment was posted before BC bet.

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Time to hack NASA and replace “sun” with “rationalussy” on everything.

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