Will there be a Rationalussy Movie released in 2024?

Must be at least an hour long to count as a movie.


  • Any genre of movie counts, fiction or nonfiction.

  • It doesn't matter how the movie is released. No theatrical showings or physical copies are required as long as it is released somewhere (e.g., a movie uploaded to YouTube). It also does not need to be a commercial film.

  • There must actually be some form of motion occuring on screen and scenes portraying the events that occur in the movie. Narration alone does not count as a movie, nor does a slideshow.

  • The movie must have the word "rationalussy" in the title and involve the word in some major way.

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This is easy money if people are willing to spend a couple of hours making a basic script and filming themselves and a friend on their iPhone. If the shame was too much, they could deepfake the faces and voices and for added bonus points replacing the backgrounds.

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No, but there may be one titled

"Math Pets"

Anyone want to collaborate to produce this? I don't really have any acting skills but I do have a ChatGPT Plus subscription, so we have the script covered.

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