Will Costco announce that it's raising the price of a Costco membership by the end of June 15, 2024?
Jun 17

Will resolve 'yes' if Costco announces they are raising the price of either their Gold Star membership, currently $60, Executive membership, currently $120, or Business membership, currently $60.

Will resolve June 15 or upon announcement of a price hike, not upon the price raise going into effect.

For example, if Costco announces they're raising the price in March but the price hike goes into effect in September, the question would resolve as "yes."

The news must come from either Costco, via an official source, such as their online newsroom, https://investor.costco.com/news/default.aspx, or a reputable news outlet relaying the news from Costco.

Stories speculating on a price hike do not count.

Will resolve to 'no' if no price hike to any of Costco's three membership plans is announced by year-end.

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“It a question of when, not if”. But considering the inflation that’s hit everyone since their last increase in 2017, my Mana is on a YES.