Will Bronny James be drafted in the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft?
Jun 12

Bronny James is the son of NBA player Lebron James. Bronny James is a freshman guard at USC. On July 24, 2023 Bronny James suffered a cardiac arrest and he was released from the hospital on July 27, 2023

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Why is the market close January 1st, 2024?

Dude went into cardiac arrest like 2 months ago. No shot.

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He also isn't going to even start over Collier nor will he start over Ellis. Bro getting 20mpg max

Bronny James is eligible for the Draft of 2024, also, he is the oldest son of Lebron James, and Lebron said that his dream was to play with him in an NBA game. The team that drafts Bronny James, they are gonna have Lebron James on their side, and this can make millions on marketing campaigns, publicity, and monetary incomes. In his carer history, and in his team this year the have won 26-11 that gives a probability of 70% of wins, also he plays in two positions, SG and PG. this gives advantage. In his past years in schools heโ€™s team has won 30-4, and 16-2, this gives 88% of success.


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