Will I live move in with one or more roommates in 2024?

I live in a small/medium size city (US) and I will graduate from college in May 2024. I already have a job lined up, and my lease ends in August.

I currently live with roommates. This question is about whether my next living situation, on a different lease, will be with or without one or more roommates. I like living with other people, but I might move to an apartment building that my friends can't afford--in which case, no roommates.

At this time I would say there's a 60% chance I end up living alone, and 40% chance I can find a friend or someone bearable to live with in my new place. I have a few places in mind, so I am actively seeking people I know in real life who would be willing to live with me. I don't want to live near the campus I'm currently on so I can't really consider anyone who isn't graduat[ed/ing] in this search.

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