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Do you currently have a job/job prospects?

Did your dating profile pics work?

How's your relationship with your family?

Did your (questionably) ancap friend (or, will they with you)?

Do you expect to stomach shooting/blowing up involuntarily conscripted teenagers well?

Seeing the people you serve alongside do despicable things?

I hate wars (and their aggresors) more than most but it does not seem like a situation where inserting yourself is the best path forward.

@RobertCousineau I work for an NGO in Lviv. My highest rated photos are still from my first photoshoot, not the second. I get along okay with my family, but we don't talk much. I should probably give them a call, come to think of it. My ancap friend is already in the military. You can never really know until you try, but the people I've talked to mostly say it feels rather impersonal.

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@BenjaminIkuta I appreciate the good faith response (my writing wasn't wonderfully so).

I'll keep my No as a protest vote.

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@BenjaminIkuta any further plans?

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How long is the commitment if one joins the UA foreign legion?

@Pepe foreigners are free to leave at any time.

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US military? Do you have a bachelor's degree? Will you try to become an officer and if so what route would you take?

@Pepe no to all

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