Will Xi Jinping visit the US by the end of 2023?
closes Jan 1

While hosting Bill Gates today, his first meeting with an American this year, Xi showed a very different posture toward the US generally that I found almost shocking. It was so counter to everything he has done since the beginning of Covid it feels like a genuine rapproachement. From Reuters:

"I often say the foundation of U.S.-China relations lies with its people. I place my hopes on the American people," a video published by state broadcaster CCTV showed Xi as saying.

"With the current global situation, we can carry out various activities beneficial to our two countries and people, activities that benefit humanity as a whole," he said.

Gates, who arrived in Beijing on Wednesday, said he was "honoured" to have the chance to meet. "We've always had great conversations and we'll have lot of important topics to discuss today ... it's very exciting to be back."

Xi also discussed the global rise of artificial intelligence (AI) with Bill Gates and said he welcomed U.S. firms including Microsoft bringing their AI tech to China, two sources familiar with the talks said.

This resolves YES if Xi follows up this visit by Gates to Beijing with a visit to Redmond to visit Microsoft, as no doubt Gates extended the invitation.

All US visits count. Everyone who bet on either side gets 100 mana tip if the exact story in the description plays out.

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PC avatar

Just noting that from the titlie, I thought this was all of the US, but the description is specifically about Redmond / Microsoft. Was wondering why this was so low.

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Charlie avatar
Charliebought Ṁ10 of NO

@BTE can you clarify the description vs title?

BTE avatar
Brian T. Edwardspredicts YES

@Charlie Yes I should have had a better title on this question. I suspect many people bet without reading the entire description so I feel like I need to ask for some feedback before deciding.

JoshuaWilkes avatar
Josh Wilkespredicts YES

@BTE honestly I read the description and still assumed that it would resolve YES if Xi goes to the US and didn't meet with Gates

JoshuaWilkes avatar
Josh Wilkespredicts YES

@JoshuaWilkes the description goes so far 'beyond' the title that I thought it was just an example of the kind of visit to the US Xi might make

Charlie avatar

@JoshuaWilkes I agree that the title should take precedence.

JoshuaWilkes avatar
Josh Wilkespredicts YES

@BTE what's your ruling on this?

BTE avatar
Brian T. Edwardspredicts YES

@PC All of the US. I was just making a funny story for the description.

JoshuaWilkes avatar
Josh Wilkespredicts YES

@BTE as hoped and suspected

Lorxus avatar
Lorxus Mathfox

@BTE what drove you to change your mind, if I can ask?

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BTE avatar
Brian T. Edwardspredicts YES

@Lorxus Yesterday when Xi greeted Blinken in the Great Hall, typically reserved for heads of state. They also stated a Xi-Biden summit before the end of the year is in the works now.

BTE avatar
Brian T. Edwardspredicts YES

@Lorxus Xi is making a very public statement this last week that he is choosing detente over containment. I think he is also sending a message to Putin that his patience with the Ukrainian situation has basically run out. It has cost him too much prestige and he is done. That is my hot take at least.

BTE avatar
Brian T. Edwardspredicts YES

@Lorxus I think because Biden can’t travel as much he will invite Xi to Camp David or maybe even his home in Delaware.

cloudprism avatar
Hayden Jacksonbought Ṁ5 of YES

I remember when Xi visited Microsoft in Redmond some time last decade. I was living there at the time. I even stumbled on an itinerary printout left on a table at Seatac which was pretty surreal.

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BTE avatar
Brian T. Edwardspredicts NO

@cloudprism The guy LOVES Iowa. That is where he lived when he spent a year in the US. His Iowa host family has seen deeper into Zhongnanhai than any American in the history of the CCP I believe, as he brings them over for dinner regularly. I think he is genuine in his admiration of the American people.

BTE avatar
Brian T. Edwardsbought Ṁ10 of NO

I believe he has only left China half a dozen times since the beginning of Covid, if that many.