Will Vivek Ramaswamy be on the GOP ticket in 2024?
Aug 23

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Vivek adds absolutely nothing to the ticket and only makes it more extreme. Trump is smarter than to make the online right's version of Mayor Pete VP

Vivek said he doesn't want to be VP (https://youtu.be/awvqTgc55PI?t=790) so no

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@JamesWorley has any presidential candidate said on interview, paraphrasing... "yeah.. I know I'm running for President, but... VPs fine" ? in the past 2-3 elections?

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@Blomfilter that's a good point, but I think he means it when he said he "doesn't like being in the #2 position". He really does seems like someone who always wants to be on top

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@JamesWorley But Trump really likes to be on top of people who want to be on top.

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@MartinRandall Never forget

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@Radicalia It would only take a very small line to change the P to an R...

I also love how far the letters in PENCE have to be spaced out, just to make it abundantly clear that he is lesser/smaller/beneath. It looks ridiculous

edit: looked at a few other presidential campaign posters.. I'm less concerned with the lesser/smaller part after thinking more about it, but why is it spaced s o m u c h ? lmao

Does it count if he's the VP?

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@lucentbruce That’s usually what “on the ticket” means: either President or VP

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@lucentbruce pretty sure it was worded to precisely let that count. at least that is what i'm assuming.

@AdamTreat OK thanks 👍