Will the US claim any of the objects shot down over North America in February to be civilian?
resolved Apr 7

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I have been looking into the official government story for each of the objects and it's actually not clear what they think. Though it seems very likely the object in Canada was the Illinois group's balloon and the government has acknowledged this possibility so I think this and the other question /BTE/will-it-be-determined-that-the-ball are both YES unless convinced otherwise.

@BTE if there's no claim it's a NO. But whatever.

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@BTE I think "claim" is quite a strong word. Acknowledging it's a possibility is not the same thing.

You also say "it's actually not clear what they think". To resolve YES I think it needs to be clear that they do in fact make the claim.

NO is the correct resolution, unless somebody can find evidence of the government making a claim. If you think with hindsight that you worded the question in a misleading way, then perhaps N/A would be fair. But the resolution to the letter of the question is NO.

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@Fion Good arguments. I have been persuaded. It is a NO based on my resolution criteria and the lack of any clear claim by anyone in the government.

Greatest BTE troll of all time. Never resolve.

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@BTE please resolve

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Can you resolve this please?

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How does this resolve if the US says that it's likely that some were civilian, but doesn't claim that any specific ones are?