Will Donald Trump formally cancel his deal with Truth Social by the end of 2023?
closes 2024

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Will Donald Trump by the end of 20237%
Will Donald Trump tweet once in 2023?56%
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21. Will Donald Trump make at least one tweet in 2023?56%
Will Lex Fridman interview Donald Trump before the end of 2023?6%
Will Trump be suspended (again) on Facebook before the end of 2024?29%
Will Trump’s first tweet mention Truth Social?21%
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Will the U. S. President pardon Donald Trump by February 2025?21%
Where will Donald Trump be in 2030?
Will Donald Trump claim that a photo or video of him has been faked or manipulated by 2025?76%
Will Donald Trump be convicted of any crime by the end of 2024?54%
Will Trump be indicted or charged by the end of 2023 for crimes related to (classified) documents?84%
Will there be claims from Trump or a Trump-led origination that a video of Trump purported to be real is a deepfake in 2023?48%
Will there be a (real) mugshot of Donald J Trump released in 2023?22%
Will Trump be gagged by a judge during 2023?68%
Will Donald Trump declare bankruptcy before 2024?12%
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