Will a US cabinet level official visit Taiwan during 2023?
closes 2024

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Will the US Secretary of State visit Taiwan by the end of 2023?22%
Will more than 100 members of Congress visit Taiwan during 2023?26%
Will AOC visit Taiwan during 2023?34%
Will more than 50 members of congress visit Taiwan in 2023?64%
Will Haley visit Taiwan in 2023?9%
Will Liz Cheney visit Taiwan during 2023?44%
Will any US Department secretaries visit China by the end of 2024?65%
Will Nancy Pelosi visit Taiwan in 2023?12%
Will MTG visit Taiwan during 2023?26%
Will the Speaker of the House visit Taiwan?33%
Will King Charles III visit Taiwan by the end of 2024?7%
Will Matt Gaetz visit Taiwan during 2023?26%
Will Taiwan/ROC lose another 'diplomatic ally' in 2023?56%
Will Kevin McCarthy visit Taiwan as Speaker of the House?46%
Will Kevin McCarthy bring a delegation of Republicans and Democrats with him if he visits Taiwan as Speaker of the House?63%
Will Hakeem Jefferies visit Taiwan during the 118th Congress?57%
Will Taiwan/ROC gain any 'diplomatic allies' before 2027?25%
Will China eliminate Taiwan during the 2023 AFC Asian Cup?9%
Will Taiwan hold a referendum on declaring independence from the mainland by the end of 2024?10%
If the US and Taiwan agree in principle to a new bilateral trade agreement by the end of 2024, will it be ratified in the US Senate within 12 months?60%