What will we name our baby?
Jul 1

We just found out that our firstborn is likely to be a girl! Which also means we are now seriously considering baby names. Austin and Rachel's current top choices form something of a disjoint set, so we're looking for Manifold to help out with suggestions.

The baby's last name is likely to be "When" (portmanteau of Weinberg and Chen). Rachel likes names like Ezri, Mila, and Ada; Austin likes names like Astra (Codex When), Mana, and Virtue.

Market resolves to the first name of our baby due in July will be named; N/A if the baby isn't named (eg miscarriage).

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scrolling along just now and spotted another option

I'll present the case against Ada at Manifest, but I don't want to publicly criticize the name you might end up going with.

@MichaelWheatley Manifest is over and I never heard the case against! Austin and I don't mind public criticism (lol) and I'm still interested in hearing

@rachel I told Austin Monday morning but I don't think I convinced him. Get him to relay the case, maybe it'll convince you

Austin told me. I somehow wasn't even aware that people called Ada Lovelace the "first programmer", so that wasn't loadbearing. For me it's more that the name checks all my boxes: I like the way it sounds, that it's short, that it's classic and recognizable but rare. And of course Austin liked it too, and we have very different taste in names, so that's special.

Then the Ada Lovelace stuff is just a nice plus: she did contribute to the foundations of computing — I remember reading her letters when in high school, which is where my impression of her comes from. It's also funny/fitting that she was a gambling addict lol.

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@bohaska incredible content, I endorse this.

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double endorse

triple endorse

@benshindel also agi means baby in Korean, so, cute!

folks just to be clear ada already won

austin referred to them as that in a public communique

if you check the ownership, i memed it into existence

quibbling over the pronunciation is the correct thing at this point, but obviously only one person will control the pronunciation: ada

(what they respond to is what they'll be called)



curious about pronunciation: ay-duh or ah-duh?

@shankypanky haha Rachel likes 1) but I like 2)

@Austin eh, more that (1) is like, the typical English pronunciation of the name, so what I would use—I want her to identify with that pronunciation so she doesn't have to correct every person she meets. But I also think it's fine for her father to pronounce her name differently from everyone else

@rachel @Austin in my mind (every time I see the name) I have always pronounced it [1]

maybe I'll make a poll 🙃

@rachel if she becomes a world traveler #2 is a very common pronunciation

This name has a similar feel to both Rachel's preferences and Austin's, with a touch of the "virtue" theme. Anya is a Slavic name meaning "grace" or "favor".

-from LLM

@jack interesting, Anya also seems pretty close to Frozen's Anna

A blend of Ada and Astra

Same idea for Asda

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I think Gemma is a pretty name. I think people will forget about the Google model soonish

a very pretty name that I have ever considered using for myself

with a last name like "When" I feel like a good joke is mandatory. "Peace When?" etc. hmmm

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@Stralor okay I've noticed some good ones for this. extra shout-out to July. damn! 😄

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Liberty, Justice, Victory, Singularity, Era, Dawn, Luna, April May July, Spring Summer Autumn, Destiny, Utopia