Quadratic Funding: Jokes for the next Manifold newsletter
resolved Aug 10

Quadratic Funding markets are deprecated

This is a test of our newest market type, Quadratic Funding! Submit some jokes related to forecasting or markets, and we'll include the best ones in our next newsletter.

Unlike a Free Response market where you bet on which entries will be chosen, with quadratic funding, readers can directly send mana as a tip to their favorite jokesters. The quadratic funding mechanism will then match donations in a democratic way, with more popular jokes receiving more matching.

(Specifically, each joke will receive the square of the sum of sqrt(tips). E.g. a joke that gets 10 tips of 1 mana will receive 100 mana total, with the 90 extra mana coming from a matching pool. See WTF is QF or Vitalik Buterin's primer for more details!)

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I can still contribute to the matching pool on this closed market.

Looks like the "duplicate" button is enabled on this market.

What is the difference between love and the CFTC?
Money can't buy me love.

What's the intended use case for quadratic funding?

I love the idea, but my understanding is that quadratic funding is meant to allocate funds? M$ is great, but not (yet) useful for funding much other than market creation.

Seems like you might be able to do this with real money without getting in trouble??

Also seems like a great way of handling donations to charity and prizes for prediction competitions, if Manifold's still doing those.

I might want to use this market type, but not with the money allocated to each answer going to whoever suggested it. That works well for jokes, but not public goods funding, which is what QF is for. This is more like a democratically-allocated bounty.

@NcyRocks Thanks for the feedback -- how would you want to allocate the mana instead? (My understanding is that a democratically allocated bounty is exactly how QF optimizes public goods funding, but I might be wrong here)

@Austin True! I guess I just meant that people couldn't 'claim' it in the same way. I imagined it was being distributed by whoever set up the QF scheme. So I thought that just giving everything to the market creator and letting them distribute it would be best, but there are obvious problems with that! Having given it some more thought, this seems better. Maybe in the future someone who proposes an answer could nominate a user to receive the funds, but this is good enough for now (especially with Manifold's whole buyer-beware model that's already in place and working well enough).

After making some big bets that whiffed, I've started seeing a therapist. I need to feel more certain about the future.

Alt version: My friends were getting worried about how much money I was spending on Manifold, so they held an intervention. I stopped listening when they said that they were uncertain about my future.

Why is mana the ideal currency for prediction markets?

Because it's super for casting!

Why is Hollywood starting to pay more attention to Manifold?
Because it's super for casting!

Do we submit jokes in comments or as market answers?

@yaboi69 They're supposed to be market answers, but market answer submissions are still broken at the moment...

This little piggy went to market and got accurate predictions on wolf movements in the next 24 hours.

Why are prediction markets on the efficient market hypothesis always mispriced?

Everyone who could correct the market thinks it must already be correct so they don't try to correct it.

And now the shipping forecasts issued by Manifold Markets on behalf of the Tweeting and Streaming agency. There are warnings of storms between Aella and Destiny. 4 to 6, occasionally seven. Poor, becoming very good later.

If I think of something funny fast enough I will be the first ever person to use this feature. Quick brain come up with a Joke!

Hrm, seems like new submissions are broken at the moment - investigating!

@Austin I tried contributing Ṁ10 to the pool and it failed in the same way as when I tried to submit a joke

@NcyRocks @TimothyCurrie @MartinRandall @noumena @yaboi69 @ForrestTaylor -- Answer submission and funding should be fixed now. Please resubmit your jokes as answers!