Will iMessage continue to work on Beeper six months from now?
Mar 5

Beeper is an app that boasts of centralizing all your chats in one app. The app is currently invite-only.

Marques Brownlee recently made a video about Beeper, talking about how users without an Apple device can send iMessages with just an Apple ID: https://twitter.com/MKBHD/status/1698802430639591448

Apple famously limits iMessages to owners of Apple devices. (Android users get green bubbles). Will they prevent Beeper from offering iMessage to users who do not own Apple devices?

This resolves YES if

  • someone without an Apple device can create a free Apple ID and send an iMessage in March 2024.

It resolves NO if:

  • beeper doesn't offer the ability any more

  • the feature doesn't work or is extremely unreliable

It resolves N/A if:

  • Beeper shutters or pivots away

  • Beeper is still in a closed beta / invite-only phase at market close

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Does this refer to Beeper Mini or Beeper Cloud or both?