Hogwarts Legacy Metascore will be above 80 at the end of febuary.
resolved Feb 28

PC version under this link:

Close date updated to 2023-02-28 11:59 pm

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Please resolve this fast after the 28th, I need to repay a loan 😅

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Isn't this basically guaranteed? Or am I missing something?

@kottsiek at this point i think it's pretty safe to say so, but i wro in the rules it will be resolved at the end of February

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@kottsiek Are there no other reviews coming?

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@PunishedFurry I don't know that much about the review industry but the game has been out for over a week and there are a lot games releasing daily. Publishing a review now would not generate much traffic imo (Multiple reviews below 80 need to be published for the metascore to go below 80)

I think this market is about right; see my pessimistic comment about the odds of the game scoring over 90+ at this other manifold market: https://manifold.markets/itsTomekK/will-the-game-hogwart-legacy-get-me#Vk7QMUeAFVH4VWW8Tigq

And the further arbitrage opportunity of this intermediate 85+ metacritic market:

But also note that the PC version of a game will often recieve a lower score than the console versions -- probably this is because PC reviews will penalize a game more for the presence of PC-specific bugs, or maybe the PC gaming ecosystem is just pickier / more discerning / has different standards.

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