Will I quadruple my body count at Aella’s Birthday Gangbang?
resolved Feb 24

My current male body count is seven. I get to be in one of the penetration stations for men on their way to Aella — and there are close to 50 coming!

Will I get banged by enough dudes to at least quadruple my body count?

Resolves at 21 to 28 new vaginal penetrations.

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what was the final count?

How many fluffers are there?

important clarification. how many stations are we talking here?

@shankypanky Surely it's not a single file line. The efficient way to do this would be like 3-5 and the dudes can therefore be fluffed in parallel.

Seems bearish

@Joshua I need a diagram or venue schematic to ensure betting accuracy.

@Joshua About 7-8 and 2-3 penetration stations

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@shankypanky Parallel stations, up to four or so

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@AnnaCherry Hmmm so the question is are the dudes completionists

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@AnnaCherry how motivated are you to resolve this Yes? seems like that might take deliberate effort/intention given we're looking at <50 and multiple stations and fluffers.

@Joshua There are rooms to fuck in after they do Aella once!

@AnnaCherry oh that's another factor

@shankypanky oh wait I forgot about this little tidbit

The pun in the title might be nice, but it leaves open whether we're betting for a new body count of (7×6) = 42, or just (7×4) = 28, as stated in the description.

@Schneefackel Ahh, fixed already!