What will my next redactle score be?
Jun 13
M$50 bet
https://www.redactle.com/ %=guess number Resolves to 100 if my guesses go over 100, or if i put in a reasonable effort to solve but fail. I will not seek hints from reddit, although I may use Google to help with deduction if it is about a subject that I do not know (for example, English poets, Hinduism, geography, etc). If Google is employed significantly (if it goes much beyond something like verifying 'oh this indeed means what I think it means'), I will add +20 to the guess-count. Leaving open for 2 days in case I forget. My scores (with the help of google) have usually been <100 (and, when I try, normally below median), although this does not take into account the +20 hint-penalty I'm including here. There have been a few that I have solved in <10, although fairly rarely. If I bet on this market, I will do so before entering any guesses in the redactle, although I may glance over the article beforehand. There may be some time between when I solve the redactle and the closing of the market. Jun 11, 12:13pm: Actually, i am refraining from betting on this market, as it may incentivise certain guessing behaviors on my part that are not so good Jun 11, 12:15pm: i do get frustrated as more guesses are plugged in and i think less carefully. Jun 11, 12:35pm: ok, today was awful. since no one has bet yet, i'm just going to use tomorrow's. Jun 11, 10:21pm: iff no one bets, i will farm for manna and throw it into a long term market. Jun 11, 10:22pm: eh, maybe i won't farm for manna. late night ethical dilemmas. up in the air. Jun 12, 4:48pm: technically 5 (or 6 because I was silly and tried plugging the two words in at once...) + 20 = 25.5. Will leave open for the first person who wants to bet it down to the proper percentage.