Will @derikk have a girlfriend in 2024?

Resolves YES as soon as @derikk has a girlfriend before 2024. Resolves NO on January 1, 2025 otherwise.

Whether @derikk has a girlfriend should be pretty clear-cut in most cases; in controversial cases I'll resolve according to whether @derikk and the potential girlfriend consider themselves to be in the relationship.

Disclaimer: I will be betting on this market.

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  • I’m a 24 y.o. straight monogamous male

  • My last relationship (with the 2nd person I’ve dated) ended in August

  • I moved to the SF Bay Area 2 months ago; since then I’ve been on 2 dates with someone through an app (it didn’t work out). I am semi-active on a few dating apps but don’t match frequently.

  • I go to social events fairly frequently but they usually have an unfavorable gender ratio

  • To provide incentive and internalize externalities, I have a $100 bounty that I will split amongst the person/people/organizations that are responsible for me meeting my next girlfriend

bought Ṁ70 YES from 55% to 59%

is @derikk putting forth any effort to make this happen?