Will GTA 6 require more than 200gb of space on PC.

This market is for the PC version of the game.

This market resolves based on the system requirements on steam whatever steam says will make this market resolve yes or no. This market will resolve when the game releases.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ask.

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do you mean the required space to install or the ACTUAL space it takes up?

iirc the space needed to download/install from cloud is actually double the space it takes up

@strutheo I'm going off the recommended space. So the required space to install. I wanted to do the actual space it takes up but I was having problems finding ways to verify the exact amount. So I'm using the required space. If you want an example of how this would work search "GTA 5 system requirements PC" you should see steams page pop up and all the required specs for the game

@AndrewCrosse my favorite way is programs such as WinDirStat. Let's me know how large each folder is at least

ok sounds good , maybe good to adjust the title to 'will gta6 require X gb on steam on pc' because idk if it ever takes up that exact amount

windirstat is great

@strutheo I have it in the description but I will change it to require in the title

@TiredCliche I get that but I'm trying to make this market as accessible as possible. I want ppl to be able to easily verify the market res.

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