Will users be able to directly redeem mana as donation to charity after the pivot?
resolved May 17

Resolves Yes if I can directly donate mana like I do right now.
Resolves Yes if sending mana to Manifund is still possible (without a discount).

Resolves No if they stop allowing directly donation with mana.
e.g. if Mana has to be converted into another currency before users can donate it

Resolves to 80% if 100 mana only converts to 80 cents donation. (instead of 1 dollar donation like right now)

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@AmmonLam ok this can now resolve NO, only prize points for charity

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@AmmonLam Looks like this can resolve NO?

@Ziddletwix @AmmonLam this can resolve NO?

@Ziddletwix I think we can wait until after the pivot is implement to resolve this one. May be the team would change their mind

@AmmonLam Makes sense, totally fair to wait until mana is in fact not able to be donated to charity


latest FAQ says spice can be donated, does not say the same for mana.

maybe they enable mana at a lower rate? or give everyone spice based on their current mana? hard to say


Have they not committed to this?

@HarrisonNathan committed to allowing mana to be donated? I dont know, may be not

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