Will these stocks hit this high price ๐Ÿ“ˆ before low price ๐Ÿ“‰
Will Amazon(AMZN) hit 200 before 140?
Will Meta (META) hit 600 before 400?
Will Amazon(AMZN) hit 190 before 150?
Will Alphabet (GOOG) hit 180 before 140?

Resolution according to Yahoo Finance Historical Prices
All markets here start counting from market creation time

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Will NVIDIA(NVDA) hit 1000 before 700?
bought แน€623 Will NVIDIA(NVDA) hi... YES

@AmmonLam This one resolves yes

bought แน€15 Will Amazon(AMZN) hi... YES

you should @mods

Will Amazon(AMZN) hit 190 before 150?

May 9, 2024 High 191.70

Will GameStop (GME) hit 14 before 8?
bought แน€270 Will GameStop (GME) ... YES
Will Meta (META) hit 550 before 450?
bought แน€550 Will Meta (META) hit... NO
bought แน€250 Answer #f2f781f412ec NO
bought แน€436 Answer #c38b6687c3b4 NO
bought แน€334 Answer #9d8548cf6305 NO

@AmmonLam just barely:

Will Alphabet (GOOG) hit 160 before 130?
bought แน€1,000 Will Alphabet (GOOG)... YES
Will Tesla (TSLA) hit 180 before 160?
bought แน€250 Will Tesla (TSLA) hi... YES
Will Tesla (TSLA) hit 230 before 170?
bought แน€1,000 Will Tesla (TSLA) hi... NO

@AmmonLam Both of the tesla's resolve no

Will NVIDIA(NVDA) hit 900 before 800?
bought แน€200 Will NVIDIA(NVDA) hi... YES
bought แน€250 Answer #ef4cc285cc8d NO

@AmmonLam this one didn't last long

bought แน€750 Answer #fe5d257fe49d YES

Resolves YES

Will Tesla (TSLA) hit 220 before 180?
bought แน€750 Will Tesla (TSLA) hi... NO

Resolves NO

bought แน€500 Will Amazon(AMZN) hi... YES

@AmmonLam AMZN from this morning:

@AmmonLam META is trading above 500 now

@AmmonLam from a couple of days ago:

bought แน€5 Will Tesla (TSLA) hi... YES

@AmmonLam how are you handling stock splits?

@IsaacCarruthers I am not handling stock splits! which means you can but on No if you anticipate the stock split

bet* on No

bought แน€100 Answer #d0e23a91cea4 NO

@AmmonLam in that case walmart should resolve down:

bought แน€1,000 Answer #a5ebcb1c2fdd YES

High 494.36

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