Will Destiny reach 782k subscribers in Mar 2024?
resolved Apr 2

Resolves according to numbers reported on his socialblade page

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wtf how did this not resolve YES

@Tumbles it will, once april's fool is over

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This should immediately be resolved NO.

@JuniKim allow me some fun on April's fool okay?

but why are we pushing the resolve back

@gocougs Not sure if you noticed, there’s a bug with this market, you only need 100 mana to push the price all the way to 99%

@AmmonLam Ohhh wtf that’s weird

@gocougs I posted the bug on discord already. Can’t test the bug if the market is closed

@gocougs For a low, low price of 100 mana, you can swing the market in unprecedented way!

@AmmonLam Damn lol. Maybe it’s an April fools feature

gg guys

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The time counter is past March, not sure if that is location based though.

@AmmonLam When does Destiny have to hit 782k by? in 3 hours and 45 minutes, it will be the end of March for people in PST time zone, but the market ends 3 hours after that. Does that mean as long as Destiny hits 782k by when this market closes, it will resolve to YES?

@PunishedFurry it depends on what time zone social blade is based on. and I dont have the answer. but regardless resolution will be based on social blade as stated

@AmmonLam Then, isn't this already settled? There's still 3.5 hours left for PST users, but socialblade isn't going to update this part until 4/1/24.

Or, will you accept the top portion of socialblade where it states the sub count?

@PunishedFurry I believe socialblade is in EST. Regardless, at some point it will stop saying 2024-03-31 is "live" data and it will add a row for 2024-04-01. At that point, the 2024-03-31 number is the one this market can resolve based on, since that's the highest the count got in March according to socialblade.

Edit: EDT, I guess, not EST. Probably.

@chrisjbillington socialblade is weird, im looking at other channels and they have a april 1st row, but not yet for Destiny...

It looks like I got duped by this website, which was on track to cross over 782k about 12h ago (and probably did, but after I went to bed):


...then today it just jumped down instead, and upon further research it sounds like it is actually impossible for anyone but the channel owner to see subscriber counts at higher resolution than 1k. So yeah, that website is just a lie, doing some extrapolation or something. Lesson learned I guess, enjoy my mana NO betters (maybe? Probably? Who knows).

@chrisjbillington You’re not going to sell your YES?

@chrisjbillington Oh yeaa, that website is horribly unreliable. Lots of people including myself have learned the hard way betting in these markets.

@esusatyo There's too much to sell, it doesn't make a lot of sense. So I'll just leave it. And who's to say the current market price isn't about right? Ignoring lying counters, it seems odd that it hasn't ticked over yet.

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@chrisjbillington Fair enough. Thanks for the bets.

bought Ṁ1,000 YES

Ṁ10,000 YES limit order at 92% if anybody's interested

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it's real close guys. Time zone wise, does this resolve just as soon as social blade has a row for first?

@gocougs I assume social blade shows the same result to everyone regardless of timezone?

so this will resolve base on whatever timezone social blade's result is based on

@gocougs and yes, if socialblade shows 782 for Mar 31, this resolves Yes

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