Has over 500 USD worth of mana been sold within the last three days? (Daily Market)
Dec 31
April 20th, 2024
April 21th, 2024
April 22th, 2024
April 23th, 2024
April 24th, 2024
April 25th, 2024
April 26th, 2024
April 27th, 2024
April 28th, 2024
April 29th, 2024
April 30th, 2024

Has a total of 500 USD worth of mana been sold within the last three days?

Resolution base on the numbers reported here: https://manifold.markets/stats

Resolve 'Yes' for the target date if more than 500 USD worth of mana have been sold within the three-day period ending on that date, including the target day itself.

For instance, if over 500 USD worth of mana are sold on March 11th, the period from March 11th to March 13th will automatically resolve as 'Yes'.
Another example, if 300USD sold for March 11th, 100USD sold for March 12th, 101USD sold for March 13th, March 13th will resolve as 'Yes'.

Resolves N/A if Manifold stops reporting mana sold stats to the public on the above link

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@benmanns Is there something special I don't know about the $565 worth of mana sold on the 27th-29th?

@ducat Yeah, I’m in the middle of stuff but I wouldn’t bet any more. I’ll refund what you lose on this. It’s 500 mana on any single day on the last 3 days, which is kind of confusing.

@AmmonLam if you want to N/A the 29th that’s fine with me.

@benmanns pretty sure it's sum, going by the resolution on the 16th.

@ducat @benmanns

Sorry for the confusion. I’m going to N.A. the 29th. (I’m not at home right now)

I’ll update the descition to remove any ambiguity

March 24th, 2024

@AmmonLam up to and including March 24 can resolve "No"

@traders 2235 mana was sold yesterday Mar 17th; Mar 17th,18th,19th all resolving Yes

This is 500 mana, not 50000 mana ($500) right? The stats page displays dollars not mana.

@alh 500 USD worth of mana, clarified

@alh nice user icon btw

March 18th, 2024
bought Ṁ150 March 18th, 2024 YES

@AmmonLam to make sure I understand correctly, this will Resolve YES once today’s $2k appears on the dash?

@mattyb if Mar 16th has over 500 mana appeared on the stats page, mar 16th, 17th, 18th will all resolve Yes

opened a Ṁ1 March 18th, 2024 YES at 97% order

@AmmonLam cool, thanks