Will supplementing potassium (gluconate, pills) cause any distinct-from-noise weight loss over 4 weeks?
resolved Oct 31

I signed up for the study; I have no tolerance for bad tastes, so I'm going to swallow pills, not put weird salt on my food, but maybe it will work like that, who knows.

If I drop out before completing four weeks I will resolve according to whether I noticed results before that.

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There are a lot of RCTs that measure the effect of potassium supplementation on blood pressure. Surely some of those must have tracked body weight changes in participants as well?

I searched for a minute or two and found this https://sci-hub.se/10.1097/00004872-200107000-00019. 2.3 additional grams of potassium per day, for 12 weeks. No change in body weight.

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@NataliaMendonca Another RCT [1] similarly found no change in body weight after 6 weeks of potassium supplementation, though the dose was lower (about 1 additional gram per day)

[1] https://www.cambridge.org/core/services/aop-cambridge-core/content/view/BAD451CD40EEC5B843ED671D6E323C4F/S0007114503002435a.pdf/the-effect-of-low-dose-potassium-supplementation-on-blood-pressure-in-apparently-healthy-volunteers.pdf

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@NataliaMendonca Now I found a meta-analysis of RCTs, comparing potassium supplementation trials with sodium reduction trials: https://moscow.sci-hub.se/1061/4e68879c69bc7d733f6b5b33c3aace5a/geleijnse2003.pdf. It says

> The median change in body weight during intervention was –0.5 kg in sodium trials (range –3.0 to +4.5 kg) and –0.2 kg in potassium trials (range –1.0 to +1.6 kg).

The sodium reduction trials lasted a median of 4 weeks, and the potassium supplementation trials a median of 6 weeks.

That's a stupid premise. Also lol @ the correlation. Predicting no

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Yeah, the graphs are very not convincing, I agree

I haven't read the theory yet but on priors most weight loss interventions fail.

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