When will HCD decertify SF's housing element
By the end of 2024
After 2024 or never

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That's not decertification - Housing Element (the plan to meet the goals) and SB 423 streamlining criteria (progress towards goals) are independent

Technically, yes. But if we're making that distinction then all of the various month answers in the original question were mistakes in the first place - once the plan to reach the goals had been agreed to it wouldn't be revoked. SF's Housing Element was accepted before this question was even asked. (See here.) So either the question was malformed and only ever meant whether HCD would reject the housing element that they had already accepted, or they're counting SB 423. Which was passed only a few months prior to this question being asked, so makes far more sense.

@AlexShadley could we have some clarification here?

By the end of March 2024
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@Najawin @AlexShadley If you're on before the 15th, when they do the mana devaluing, this getting resolved would be nice. Cheers.

@Najawin @SemioticRivalry If you have the time.

By the end of February 2024
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You know, I wish this had come true. Alas. San Fran will just get away with its crimes against housing. https://sfstandard.com/2024/02/28/despite-housing-crisis-san-francisco-made-it-harder-to-build-homes-in-some-neighborhoods/

By the end of January 2024
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I think this one's resolvable.